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Dr. Jones is a chiropractor.  She has been around medical providers her entire life.  She began shadowing doctors at 8 years old because she wanted to learn and choose the right specialty path when the time came.  


She worked with and/or shadowed providers in: dentistry, orthopaedic surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, primary care, physiatry, sports medicine and a few more.  

By the time she was 16, she decided that orthopedics was where she wanted to focus her attention.  She would start many days at 4 A.M. attending surgeries at her mentor’s surgical center which was followed by rounds and clinic visits before heading to school.  

Dr. Jones’ mentor passed away prematurely while she was in the early years of undergraduate school at Auburn University.  The tragic and untimely event caused her to reconsider her path. She found a love for preventative and rehabilitative medicine.  She is dedicated to being authentic and open minded in order to offer what’s best for patients.  

Dr. Jones always says, “A provider’s main priority should be ensuring each patient get’s the best care available by considering all options.”  She has worked both as a solo provider and in multidisciplinary settings which as made her a more well rounded provider.

“My main career goal is to help and serve as many people as I can, both directly and indirectly, in decreasing the overuse of steroids and opioids and improving health through non-invasive treatment.  Becoming a chiropractor has allowed me to do just that.”

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